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Marmon Renew is a Global Leader in Beverage Equipment Remanufacturing with over 35 Years experience. Our commitment to quality, ability to meet specific customer needs, and provide like new equipment at a reduced cost provides an immediate value proposition to our customers.

Maximizing Investments

Taking Old, and Making It Look /Perform Like New. We take pride in our ability to increase the life of your equipment. Our proprietary process, starts with “Reverse Manufacturing” which delivers a like new piece of equipment, maximizing your investment.

Creating Value

With over 35 years of remanufacturing experience, our capabilities span working with national OEM manufacturers across multiple product lines. Our warehouse and logistics specialists provide flexibility to your equipment utilization requirements. Our commitment to quality means reduced spending on service calls and downtime of equipment.

Customized Programs

We work with each customer to understand their specific needs and how to provide a customized solution. We work with different levels of the organization to gain the necessary knowledge to solve issues and enhance profitability.

Customers are our first Priority

Why Choose Us

From our Customers


Having a great Coca-Cola fountain beverage available for our customers comes with the ability to provide the best equipment possible. Marmon Renew has been a great partner and truly understand the beverage equipment business. Their attention to detail, great customer service, and ability to work on multiple brands set Marmon Renew apart from the competition.

Tim Huffman, Equipment Refurbishment Manager- Coca Cola United

Experienced, Responsive, Attention to Detail and Creating Value has been the standard for over a decade. Marmon Renew understands what it takes to get our equipment to a like-new state. The team understand our priorities, and has the knowledge and experience to minimize issues and come up with solutions.

Mark Howell, President- Gulf Ice System


Extending the shelf life of your current equipment and provide a savings of approximately 50% of new equipment. Proven to reduce spend on service calls, and unnecessary downtime of equipment.

Our Approach Is Different

remanufacturing vs. refurbishing


During the remanufacturing process, units are disassembled into their individual parts. Trained technicians then inspect each part for defects, damage, and cosmetic appearance. Upon passing inspection, the parts are staged and processed accordingly. We only use OEM parts.


Traditional refurbishing companies typically perform only the least amount of services required to allow a product's return to market. In many cases, products are merely cleaned and shined, then it is placed back in the field.

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