Fountain Equipment Remanufacturing

Marmon Renew remanufactures all major equipment brands to include Cornelius, Lancer, Servend and others.

Once equipment is received, it goes through a 14 point inspection, triaged and torn down.

  • All flexible hoses, tubing & O-rings are replaced regardless of apparent condition.
  • All stainless is regrained and painting is applied in our state of the art painting booth.

During the build process we apply all factory mandated safety and performance updates.

  • Multiple testing takes place throughout the process and is documented to meet or exceed manufacturers requirements.
  • Final inspection- at this point, equipment goes through one last test, decals are applied, and equipment is placed in OEM like packaging.

Equipment is now ready to ship.



  • Drink/Ice Combo
  • Drop In
  • Counter Electric


  • Refrigeration
  • Painting
  • Stainless Regraining
  • Electrical
  • OEM Upgrades
  • Equipment Conversion
  • Multiple Testing
  • OEM Like Packaging