Beverage Carbonators

Marmon Renew remanufactures major Carbonator OEMs to include: Marmon, McCann, Lancer and others.

All carbonators are inspected for damaged and will go through a detailed remanufacturing process.

  • Units are cleaned, sanitized and initial testing begins.
  • Flow and leak tests are performed on all carbonator pumps and check valves.
  • Units are flow and pressure tested to OEM Specifications.
  • Float switch assemblies are tested for hard as well as intermittent failures
  • All factory mandated upgrade kits are applied as standard procedure
  • The motors and bases are painted and stainless steel tanks are polished

Carbonators are placed in OEM like packaging and ready to ship.



  • All


  • Procon Pump Testing
  • Flow Test
  • Painting
  • Sanitization